Best Live Music in Bergen County

Sanzari's is the Best Restaurant with Live Music in Bergen County

At Sanzari’s New Bridge Inn, we believe that we have a lot going for us that sets us apart as one of the best Italian restaurants in Bergen County, NJ. Besides our carefully selected menu, our beautiful historic property and our amazing professional staff, we also offer amazing live music on Friday and Saturday nights. If you have never heard Liza & Josh sing, you owe it to yourself to visit us on a night that they are here.

Liza & Josh have been referred to as the best live vocalists in New Jersey, and it doesn’t take long to find out why. On any given night they will perform dozens of hits from popular artists that you know and love. The sheer number of songs that they perform live is staggering! From Frank Sinatra and Etta James to Bruce Springsteen and Adele, Liza & Josh do not disappoint. As many of our regulars will tell you, Sanzari’s New Bridge Inn is one the best restaurants for live entertainment in New Jersey!

So if you love great food, great people and great music, make your reservation for a Friday or Saturday night and come experience one of the best kept secrets in Bergen County!